Turn Those Sentimental
T-shirts into a
Keepsake Quilt!

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Tie Quilt

This Quilt was made from a 30 year, 200 Crown Royal bag collection.

     New Quilt Style -                Contemporary T-shirt 
-    t-shirts framed in                              Design--------------
  contrast fabric with a --------------------------------------------------
new border style.                                                 

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Let The QuiltMaker turn those sentimental t-shirts into a keepsake quilt that will last forever. I specialize in making custom t-shirt quilts from your collection of t-shirts, sweat-shirts , jerseys , or other clothing items.  T-shirt quilts can be made any size, from wall-hanging to king size, and  customized to a pattern you choose.  Each quilt is unique, just like the memories that the quilt perserves.  I can also incorporate photographic blocks into the quilt as well as do embroidery. 

The QuiltMaker provides quality workmanship from start to finish, beginning with the preparation of your t-shirts and ending with the hand stitched binding.  All quilts are quilted on a Gammill longarm quilting machine.