Commemorative Quilts

A little bit of everything is incorporated into this commemorative quilts shown. There are lots of photos, a cheer uniform top, t-shirts large and small, a towel, embroidery designs and a lot of creativity. Pricing is based on each individual quilt and depends on the types of materials you would like incorporated into the quilt and the number of photos that will need to be displayed, as well as the amount and detail of the embroidery.

Crown Royal Quilt

This quilt was made using the purple Crown Royal Bags and black fabric.  It took almost 200 bags to make this design.

Neck Tie Quilt

This quilt was made from a collection of 64 neck ties and is almost 6 feet in diameter. The center features a single tie, tied in a windsor knot, under a collar, left loose so favorite tie tack could be added.  64 ties is the maximum size for a neck tie quilt.

Speciality Quilts