T-Shirt Quilts - Block Preparation

Even though every quilt is unique, the basic construction for every quilt is pretty much the same from start to finish. Your t-shirts will first be prepared with a fusible stablizing backing to help prevent them from stretching. Once the block size has been determined, the stablizied t-shirts will be cut into blocks where the design on the t-shirt is centered. Smaller logos on the pockets or sleeves can also be combined to make a logo block the same size as an individual block. Also, photographs can be turned into a full block or incorporated into a logo block. Photographic images are transfered onto white fabric by a digital inkjet screen printer. Copyrighted pictures cannot be transfered without a written release from the photographer.

Quilt Layout

Once all the blocks have been cut, the fun begins! Unless you have requested a particular block layout order, the blocks will be arranged so there is an overall color balance and appealing overall look. I lay out all the sashings (the fabric in-between the blocks), accent squares or stars, and all outside borders, so I can get a good overall picture of your quilt before I sew it all together. I email you a picture of the layout, so you then have the chance to make any changes before it is stitched together.

Quilt Fabric

The sashings are usually 2" wide and the outside borders are 3-6" wide depending on the size of the quilt. All borders are cut as one continuous piece. Know that if you need your quilt to be a specific size, the sashings and border widths can be adjusted to attain the specific size you need. My favorite fabrics for sashings, borders, and bindings are 100% premium cotton marbles in the darker tones, as they make the t-shirts really stand out.  Navy or steele blue, purple, hunter green, maroon, and black are my favorites. If you like, I can provide you fabric samples before I begin your quilt. For the quilt back most customers perfer the same fabric as the sashings and borders. However, if you prefer a bolder, more dynamic complimentary fabric, I'd be more than happy to find one for you. I can also do a flannel back.

Batting, Quilting, and Binding

Now that the quilt top is finished, it is time to add the batting and backing and quilt it all together. A cotton-polyester blend batting will be used unless you need your quilt to be "extra warm" and then I can use a wool batt. Your quilt will be quilted on a Gammill Classic longarm machine in an overall meandering pattern. Invisible thread will be used so the t-shirt designs will not be distorted due to the thread. The final step is to bind your quilt and hand-stitch the binding into place.

T-Shirt Quilts

Collage Designs

have blocks of various sizes and do not line up in rows or columns throughout the quilt, like the KU quilt pictured below. 

Layout Designs

There are two basic types of layout designs.

​Block Designs 

line up in columns and rows, like the Blue Valley Football quilt pictured below.